Sunday, July 31, 2011

Volcanoes, venting, and more...

Proverbs 29:25
25 The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe. #Bible

There seems to be a large amount of inactive, old volcanoes that are venting on a line from South America to Alaska. This would indicate that magma is heating up along the fault line causing water to evaporate and vent through these ancient volcanoes. I want to warn my friends on the coast lines of Alaska, America, Mexico, and South America to have emergency preparedness items stowed in a safe, accessible place. There won't be time to prepare once it happens and those who are prepared are more likely to survive a catastrophe. For those who do not survive...I'll say goodbye now. I hope you don't find yourselves in a hotter place yet...

I truly believe that the Bible's warnings about Volcanoes erupting before the end times is near at hand. I believe that the entire "Ring of Fire" is awakening from a long dormant sleep and we will see volcanoes in places and proportions that have never been seen before in recorded history (other than the Bible that is). I wish everyone the best of luck in times to come. Being as close to Yellowstone as we are, I have little doubt that when America (the New Babylon) is split into three pieces by its super volcano, we will be among the first to leave this life. I am is my family.

Many people find it hard to believe what is predicted in the Bible. These poor folks won't find their faith until the predicted events start unfolding. I only hope that each of you finds his faith before it is too late. Once you are dead, there is no second chance. We are given the freedom to choose between faith and faithlessness....good vs. vs. death of the soul...heaven vs. hell...both deliver eternity...only one delivers salvation and happiness.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Lord is my Shepard.

What an absolutely gorgeous day the Lord provided today! Not only was the weather nearly perfect, the Lord saw fit to bless everything we undertook. We realized early (6AM) that we weren't going to make it to the gym today so that was no real disappointment. There were just too many other things going down.

First, I fired up the tractor mower and used the bagger attachment to suck up the leaves and whatnot left from last Fall. Our two grandsons showed up about the time I finished so I took them both for a ride up the gravel road and back...twice!

Second, the lady showed up to buy our hot tub for $700 and she didn't quibble about the price one bit. She looked it over, made sure it ran good, and wrote out the check. The Lord's blessing on that deal was that they did the advertising in the paper. All we had to do was send them a picture of our tub and it was sold!

Finally, we took one grandson and drove to Rapid City and did some shopping with the proceeds from the sale. I got two, much needed, pairs of walking gym shoes (yesterday my foot was bleeding from walking for an hour at the gym), we got a booster seat for our grandson for in the car, and we also bought him some much needed pairs of short pants (as Bobby Hill calls them).

The Lord provided everything we needed to provide for ourselves and our extended family. We are truly blessed to have Jesus on our side watching over our affairs and our wellbeing. He even had a police car, with sirens blaring, go by us so we had to pull over and wait. A little while later, a deer ran across the road right in front of us! Had we been a few seconds sooner, we would have hit it for sure.

The more I understand our Lord and how He works, the more I find myself becoming aware of His helping hands in everything we do. I find myself thanking Him time and time again every single day. Amen!