Thursday, October 22, 2009

The "New Holocaust" (New Spirituality?)

Good friends & fellow believers in Christ Jesus...

In my unceasing search for the truth, I have come upon a website that has presentations (both video and audio) from many of today's comtemporary authors, theologians, and church leaders. Warren Smith, Ray Yungen, and Roger Oakland are among these. As I was perusing the titles, I came across a speech by Roger Oakland called "05 The Emerging Church: Revival or Return to Darkness?" (bottom of page). This well documented speech explains the concerns I have with the Emergent Church, which is infiltrating many of our churches across America and the world, much better than I could ever explain myself to you, the reader. I hope you take the time to listen to is about 50 minutes in length...I think.

Warren Smith's "Signs of the Times; A Course In Miracles" is another excellent talk that relates many of my concerns about Rick Warren's continual use of terms that are misleading, some his "more than questionable" associations with New Age authors and evangelists, and his past association with Robert Schuller (will Schuller ever admit he is really a "new-ager"?). This speech is bit lengthy at 70 minutes...but, again, well worth the time. Once you are on this website, be sure to check out the tons of other excellent videos pertaining to nearly every topic of concern to your walk with Christ in today's world. I promise, if you do, you will soon be looking to read a few of these authors and theologians.

I fully understand a reluctance to read apologetics...they can be burdensome and tend to be repetitive, but they are an excellent source of information about current topics concerning Christianity. It is crucial to Satan's plan that he "re-invent" Christianity in a way that will be attractive enough to people so as to entice them into changing their concept of Salvation without them even knowing that they have also changed their beliefs. Today's authors are on one side of this topic or the other...good...or evil. Both claim to be on the side of Christ. One is the True Christ of the Bible...the other is the antichrist of the Bible.

My life-long friend, Gary Hammer, who is now in prison for two years for embezzlement (from his mother...something he would never have done normally, yet did under the influence of the New Age) recently read Warren Smith's book "The Light That Was Dark", which explains how he (Warren Smith) got into, then out of, the New Age, told me, "David, you have no idea how widespread this really is! Andrea (his ex-wife...who is still in the New Age and dying of cancer...hmmm...New Age christ & Reiki didn't help?) and I encountered "Readings", "Spiritual Healing (Reiki)", "Channeled Voices", and "Meditative Prayer (occult)" everywhere we went for four years. From New Mexico to South Dakota and California to was everywhere!" He told me that the selling points are:

  • Guilt-free lifestyle (there is no sin, no devil, no evil...therefore, no need for salvation).
  • Increased well being (better health through meditation, Reiki healing touch, and therapeutic massage).
  • Increased wealth (through meditation you will meet your "Inner Self" or "Higher Being" who will guide you to wealth and happiness.)
  • Less stress (also through meditation).
  • A secure feeling of belonging and knowing you are "one with God" (concept of "Oneness" or idea we are all gods...although they do not come right out and say this). This a general state of "overall well-being" and happiness.

Who wouldn't want to feel better, get rich, not worry about sin or what you do unto others to succeed in life (very big in business world today), have less stress doing it all, and know that, no matter what happens, you are always saved because you are a part of God (after all, God can't sin!). This movement is sweeping our country. I truly believe it is the great falling away the bible warns us about. The reinvention of Christianity by means of the oldest trick in the book..." can be a god." Instead of taking a bite of an apple, all you have to do this time is meditate and allow Satan's spirit guides to talk to you and guide you out of Eden and straight to hell. The Emerging Church is following this path with symbolical faith that says we need to go back to the "Old Ways" to find a "New Faith". What's wrong with the old faith? I told my friend in prison that my local pastor does not believe this New Spirituality Movement (Emergent, New Age, Contemplative...take your choice) is as serious as I make it out to be...he laughed and said, "You have NO IDEA how seriously massive it is!" Warren Smith, Ray Yungen, Roger Oakland and others reiterate the same warning!

I read one very interesting article by Jack Hook (website: Babylon the Great Is Falling - read "What's New") relating how this "Falling Away" from Christianity much resembles the methodology used by Hitler to reinvent Christianity during his time to win over German Christians in the 30's. Although Hitler did not use meditative prayer as his main tool (he did dabble in the occult though), his intentions were basically the change people's perception of what Christianity is expected to do for people. He basically united state and church (Roman Catholic Church) so that they were inseparable before the war ever started. That way, once the fight actually began, the church (and thereby the majority of people) was obligated to back him up. In order to do this, Hitler had to make people believe that Jesus was on Germany's side and wanted the German people (who were, at the time, much depressed and repressed due to world-wide depression of the 1930's) to "regain a sense of nobility" as a nation.

He actually sold the idea that Christ had a vested interest in the recovery, nobility, and notoriety of the German state and that it was the duty of the Roman Catholic Church to back him up for the betterment of German society as a whole (other churches would have to follow suit of course). What an ingenious plan! As it turned out...truly demonic. Much the same as is Satan's plan reinvent Christianity in the minds of the masses. The Holocaust will be a bee sting on the butt of humanity compared to what is happening today. New Age Spirituality believes that anyone who cannot realize that they are part of God are "separate" and are holding back the rest of humanity from achieving their ultimate goal of "Oneness with God" and the Kingdom of God on Earth. Therefore, they must be removed...dealt with...exterminated (sound familiar?). Oneness cannot be obtained as long as there is even one separatist alive. So, the great persecution of True Christians begins...we must be fully informed, discerned of God's Truth (Holy Scripture), and protected by the Full Armor of God in these coming days lest we be "caught sleeping."

Imagine, if you will, the Rockefeller (I used this tree because he is a Mason...hmmmmm) Christmas Tree being lit. Wait a minute! One bulb does not work so the whole tree doesn't lite up. This is much the same principle as "Oneness" in the New Spirituality Movement. That one bulb is holding back the entire tree from illustrious birth (heaven on earth) and MUST be immediately removed WITH PREJUDICE! If you hold out for a belief in a solitary Christ, Jesus, you too will be singled out and removed....PERMANENTLY.

I hope this letter finds you in good health and good spirits...the "Truly Good Spirit of Christ" that is...

David K. Irwin