Monday, May 28, 2012


NO-GAS MONDAY! This is the beginning of week seven...only 45 weeks to go.

My pledge is to NOT buy any petroleum products on Monday for an entire year. If everyone would agree to ban buying gas on Monday for a year, we could force corporate America to take notice.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Are You Ready?

Paul McGuire has a three DVD set "Are You Ready?". Much of the material below comes directly from that DVD set. I have asked myself this very same question many times in the last year or so...Lord, will we be ready? In answer to this question, I keep getting the same information...prepare yourself and others through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Word of God found in the Bible. We are not supposed to panic or store away goods for self preservation. Quite the opposite. We are told to give away more and more of what we have to help those who are not as well off and, by doing this, preserve a spot in heaven for ourselves. The concept is that, if we show "The Light of Christ" through our actions, that Beam of Light will pierce others and they will be drawn to Christ also. We are stewards on this planet and our job is to bring as many people into the Kingdom as is humanly possible.

Mike Hoggard is one of my favorite "bring me back to the Bible" advocates. His videos are crammed full of Bible scripture. He backs everything he proclaims with scriptural references, which makes it quite difficult to argue against his theology. I have yet to hear him talk about storing up goods, building fortresses, or weaponizing our homes in preparation for the Tribulation. That said, I do believe there is a vast array of much needed information contained in these videos. We all need to be aware of what is coming, how it will come about, and why we need to be mentally prepared for the coming holocaust.
This first quoted section gives a bit of information on how this all got started both in America and the world...

"The Illuminati, founded in 1776, used the Freemasons to spread their power globally. The Illuminati were behind the French Revolution which produced anarchy and revolution. The Illuminati unleashed the spirit of antichrist, where the people held orgies in churches and paraded a topless woman on a horse, who they called the Goddess of Reason. This was a forerunner of the Communist Revolution. Karl Marx was a Satanist and the Illuminati manuscript provided the principles for the Communist Manifesto. The Italian Communist leader, Antonio Gramsci, had close ties to the Masonic leader, Albert Pike, in America, who predicted three major world wars. The third world war was to happen in the Middle East."

This next section is about the collapse of the world's economy and what to expect as a result of global economic collapse...

"Once again, the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, has made a speech in which she openly warned that we are heading for a repeat of the "1930s". 

"It is not about saving any one country or region. It is about saving the world from a downward economic spiral. I believe that we have to watch out for something along the lines of an economic martial law. The European system is in collapse. The financial system in the United States is just as tenuous, if not more, and I believe they will not admit there will be a financial crash but rather they will use a geo-political issue to get the people in a state of fear and hysteria whereby they'll then call a bank holiday or devaluation of the currency, or a hyperinflation of the currency, and blame it on somebody else."

Prior to and during the Tribulation Period billions of people are going to die through tsunami's, earthquakes, food shortages, war, biological plagues, asteroid impact and mass genocide.  The English philosopher, Reverend Thomas Malthus, published his theories of population in the, "Essay on the Principle of Population," in 1798.  Malthus basically said, "That all of mankind's problems are due to excessive population growth." 

 Ironically, this idea is the direct opposite of God's principle of, "Be fruitful and multiply."  Today, Rockefeller and those who call themselves the "scientific elite," have a plan to reduce the earth's population by 7 billion to 500,000.  In the Georgia, Guide stones, a kind of New Age Ten Commandments, that goal is etched in rock.

Earth changes are produced through asteroid impact and earthquakes that cause an environmental holocaust. The elite hide in underground cities.  The Transhuman and Posthuman species, is the result of interspecies breeding of man, animal and Nephilim mating with human women. This Cyborg army moves east to Israel and Armageddon.

 In the Book of Revelation we read about how the False Prophet causes men and women to worship the image of the beast.  In addition, there are numerous references to strange phenomenon, which could be referring to the Antichrist and Lucifer using "The Singularity," in order to create a soulless race of Posthuman's who will serve Satan."

Finally, a few words about the immediate future, which will result in the world coming to its knees, begging for salvation from any source. (Satan gladly answers this cry for help!)...

 "There is a coming event that will change everything on planet earth which millions of people are being prepared for.   This event will either be the announcement of Extraterrestrial or other dimensional life. This event could be as the Nazi scientist Werner von Braun, suggested, a massive delusion produced by technology. Also, it could be an event that announces the existence of the Nephilim.

 As I wrote about the other day, the World Bank has also been using apocalyptic language about the global financial situation.  In a shocking new report, the World Bank revised GDP growth estimates for 2012 downward very sharply, it warned that Europe could be facing financial collapse at any time, and it instructed the rest of the world to "prepare for the worst."

An environment for a "perfect storm" is developing, and most Americans have absolutely no idea what is about to happen."

I have long surmised that the next logical step in Satan's plan, to overthrow Christianity and faith in God, is to introduce aliens into our lives. Aliens who bring with them cures for disease (of course Satan can cure disease...he created them!), cures for aging, new technology (Nephilim technology), "one world" economy, world peace, and more!

The clouds are on the horizon. Tesla technology has resulted in man fooling around with Nature by causing weather patterns to change and by causing earth vibrations to bring about earthquakes (perhaps even polar shift?). The "Elite" want to kill off as many people as they can naturally first. At the same time, world economy will be torn apart by means of wars, rumor of wars, and natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, disease, famine) resulting in a the apparent necessity for a "One World" government. No where in the Bible does it declare that we are supposed to lay up supplies, build up our immune system, prepare ourselves with weaponry to ward off usurpers, or otherwise separate ourselves from others.

Satan's plan is so devious that few will blame him before religion is banned altogether or a new, "One World" religion is imposed on everyone. He is attacking on so many fronts that it will seem as though there are many separate causes, which are all bringing about the necessity for drastic changes. In order for Satan to succeed, he must recreate Christianity. Rick Warren is doing just this. He is attempting to combine all religions into one occult religion where we can all learn to contact our "Inner Being" through meditation and release our full potential to wealth and happiness (here, take a bite of this apple and you will be like God).

My question to you is: Are You Ready?

Are you prepared mentally to watch your family fall apart, possibly tortured before your eyes to gain allegance, and for a world full of hardships and suffering the like of which man has never before seen??? I guarantee you that the only place a person can find the answers is the Holy Word of God found in the Bible. Only through faith will you be able to face certain hardship and possible death. It is only by knowing your soul is immortal that you will be able to withstand the onslaught that Satan has prepared for his final surge to destroy the human gene pool once and for all. He nearly succeeded in the days of Noah by polluting humans with the Nephilim. "As in the days of Noah" says the Bible, it shall be again!

Yours in Christ...
David K. Irwin

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Volcanoes, venting, and more...

Proverbs 29:25
25 The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe. #Bible

There seems to be a large amount of inactive, old volcanoes that are venting on a line from South America to Alaska. This would indicate that magma is heating up along the fault line causing water to evaporate and vent through these ancient volcanoes. I want to warn my friends on the coast lines of Alaska, America, Mexico, and South America to have emergency preparedness items stowed in a safe, accessible place. There won't be time to prepare once it happens and those who are prepared are more likely to survive a catastrophe. For those who do not survive...I'll say goodbye now. I hope you don't find yourselves in a hotter place yet...

I truly believe that the Bible's warnings about Volcanoes erupting before the end times is near at hand. I believe that the entire "Ring of Fire" is awakening from a long dormant sleep and we will see volcanoes in places and proportions that have never been seen before in recorded history (other than the Bible that is). I wish everyone the best of luck in times to come. Being as close to Yellowstone as we are, I have little doubt that when America (the New Babylon) is split into three pieces by its super volcano, we will be among the first to leave this life. I am is my family.

Many people find it hard to believe what is predicted in the Bible. These poor folks won't find their faith until the predicted events start unfolding. I only hope that each of you finds his faith before it is too late. Once you are dead, there is no second chance. We are given the freedom to choose between faith and faithlessness....good vs. vs. death of the soul...heaven vs. hell...both deliver eternity...only one delivers salvation and happiness.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Lord is my Shepard.

What an absolutely gorgeous day the Lord provided today! Not only was the weather nearly perfect, the Lord saw fit to bless everything we undertook. We realized early (6AM) that we weren't going to make it to the gym today so that was no real disappointment. There were just too many other things going down.

First, I fired up the tractor mower and used the bagger attachment to suck up the leaves and whatnot left from last Fall. Our two grandsons showed up about the time I finished so I took them both for a ride up the gravel road and back...twice!

Second, the lady showed up to buy our hot tub for $700 and she didn't quibble about the price one bit. She looked it over, made sure it ran good, and wrote out the check. The Lord's blessing on that deal was that they did the advertising in the paper. All we had to do was send them a picture of our tub and it was sold!

Finally, we took one grandson and drove to Rapid City and did some shopping with the proceeds from the sale. I got two, much needed, pairs of walking gym shoes (yesterday my foot was bleeding from walking for an hour at the gym), we got a booster seat for our grandson for in the car, and we also bought him some much needed pairs of short pants (as Bobby Hill calls them).

The Lord provided everything we needed to provide for ourselves and our extended family. We are truly blessed to have Jesus on our side watching over our affairs and our wellbeing. He even had a police car, with sirens blaring, go by us so we had to pull over and wait. A little while later, a deer ran across the road right in front of us! Had we been a few seconds sooner, we would have hit it for sure.

The more I understand our Lord and how He works, the more I find myself becoming aware of His helping hands in everything we do. I find myself thanking Him time and time again every single day. Amen!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gulf Disaster...a path to heaven or hell?

Below is an article I wrote in response to an article on the BP Oil Disaster. They can both be found on the web site author driven emporium of wanna-be writers.

When this disaster first happened, I had a long prayer session with our Lord Jesus concerning the possible outcome. I came away from that session of prayer with the definite belief that the oil was not the most devastating result (even though turning the Gulf into a new La Brea Tar Pit is no minor happening). Jesus made it abundantly clear that the real problem was going to be the gases being released into the atmosphere and Oceans. Now, in order to add some validity to this, I immediately told my wife and a few others so that later, when people expressed their disbelief, I had witnesses to this revelation. Now, before going a step further in my article here, I suggest you read the Linked article above "How BP oil disaster may have triggered a World-Killing event."

When I read that article, my mind's worst conceivable scenario was literally "blown out of the water" (no pun intended). I had visions of air pollutants mixing with moisture in the atmosphere, condensing, and falling as acid rain laced with oil and sulfur ruining people's health and killing crops. Never in 55 million years did I expect anything as devastating as what is predicted in Aaron Davis' article.

I should also mention that the good Lord Jesus has also made it clear that this is not simply the "beginning of the end" is the end. I do not claim to be a psychic or prophet. Nor do I claim to have any insider information or personal liaison with the Lord God Almighty other than the same path that is freely given to all humanity...prayer. I can say that, since I became a born again Christian in 1996, I have prayed over many things and, without exception, every single prayer has been answered. Often, it is not the answer I would prefer. I recall asking for patience as I was easily drawn into anger and impetuosity. It seemed as though my situation became a thousand times worse in the next few months. When I asked my mentor, Gary, what was happening, he laughed and said, "Don't you see that Jesus is teaching you the lesson of patience by putting you in situation after situation that requires you to be PATIENT?" Well, once I realized it was a lesson and not a miraculous cure, I quickly began learning to deal with life more patiently.

I blog on a semi-regular basis at For Heaven's Sake but have not been able to fire up any new ideas since this Gulf turbulence began. I have found myself engrossed in efforts to resolve the multitude of differences that are keeping many of my friends and family from turning to Christ for Salvation. Thus the reason for telling my wife and others about my prayer sessions and results. I maintain the hope that I may influence them if I can verify enough important matters being answered through prayer. They prefer the term "coincidental timing" or the ever popular "the mind can do miraculous wonders if one knows how to use it properly" (i.e. mind over matter theory).

I had smoked for...well for ever. I quit once for eight years and craved cigarettes the entire time. Finally, I gave it up to Jesus. On January 13, 2001, the Lord Jesus hushed all the sounds around me and said, quite clearly, "You will never have to smoke again son." I awakened the next morning to the news of the El Salvador earthquake that devastated the country killing thousands. It was late in the morning before it dawned on me that I had not smoked a cigarette. Suddenly, I realized that I did not have any urge to smoke whatsoever. It has been nine years plus now and I have never...not even once...had an urge to smoke. It is as though I never smoked at all during my life. To me, this is a miracle generously bestowed upon me by Christ Jesus because I had enough faith in Him to give up my habit to His timing while truly believing in my heart that He would help me. I finally quit trying to "run the show" and do it on my own. I relinquished my human ego of being capable of solving my own problems to my Higher Power and Christ answered that act of faith with a miracle. However, when I tell my disbelieving friends and family about this event, they put it off as "mind over matter" or simply say, "I guess it was your time to"

I am telling you this because, since this Gulf Disaster happening, with each passing day, I become more weepy and sorrowful knowing how many of my lifetime friends and loving family will be missed for an eternity. As I await the Rapture, I pray that somehow I can reach them and break through their defenses and denial while realizing that sometimes God says, "NO." On the one hand, I am greatly saddened by these events while, on the other hand, I rejoice in the knowledge that I shall soon meet the wonderful man who allowed me to quit smoking. God bless each and every one of you and, it is my opinion, you had best get all your ducks in a row because the path to Heaven is very, very narrow.

Much love...

David K. Irwin

Sunday, February 28, 2010

To take or not to take...The Mark (of the Beast?)

Greetings friends & family...

With the recent earthquake in Chile so soon after the one in Haiti, do you find yourself wondering where and when the next one will occur? The USA has offered to help, but how many more world disasters can we afford? I don't believe we can afford any as America is broke...financially bankrupt...operating in the red...belly-up, flat-ass, penniless! If you take time to think about it, we are facing a Spring filled with home-grown disasters of its own such as flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, and drought. Add to that our seemingly impossible-to-solve health care problems and you begin to see just the frosting on the cake. Our national debt is higher than ever in history, we have the longest running war in history (and most expensive), and we have a pretty healthy number of poor and uneducated citizens that deserve more than they are getting. When is enough, enough? When do we say, "Hey, we're broke. Fix it on your own." I know it sounds heartless, but our economy will falter and collapse soon if we continue to spend without any ability to recover or recoup our losses.

Now, add to all that the Biblical aspect of the End Times Prophecy and you begin to have a pretty dismal picture of the future...if you are not a Christian that is. True believers in the resurrection of Christ by His death on the Cross at Calvary have the luxury of knowing that they are already saved. But, that salvation is not without restrictions and responsibilities, as some New Age/New Spirituality believers would have you thinking. What are you, as a Christian, going to do when you are told to take the Mark or die? VeriChips are being implanted into humans worldwide already and, just as the Bible predicted, they are being placed in the right hand or forehead (best areas for scanning). What are you going to do when they say you have to get a chip implanted in order to drive your car and get a license or in order to buy anything at all? It's already in the works. 2010 marks the date that mandatory state licensing find a new method of licensing that will be safer and less easy to duplicate or forge. VeriChip is leading the field in security systems for humans and is being used in offices, government buildings, and other places worldwide where persons are implanted with the chip to gain access to secure sites. Granted, this is not "The Mark of the Beast" that the bible warns us about...but, it is a step closer. Is it a step you are willing to take? Is it a step a Christian should accept? Are there grounds for refusal on terms of one's beliefs? When it happens...and it will...I believe the answer to all those questions will be an adamant "NO!

Here's a statement taken from "The Last Chronicles of Earth" by Frank J. DiMora (a free book in pdf format easily found by Google), "USA Today reported on the final details of these new drivers licenses. “U.S. residents born after Dec. 1, 1964, will need to have new Homeland Security approved drivers licenses by Dec. 1, 2014, if they want to use their ID to board an airplane or enter a federal building” (should read 2008). As of April 2009, I can tell you the government has delayed this program to give states time to get ready for the new licenses. The REAL ID ACT will now start in 2010. Let me tell you something. If the U.S. is attacked again as we were on September 11, 2001, the government will make everyone get a new ID(license) right away. Either way governments around the world are making it harder to hide."
I'll be posting more on this subject in the very near future so stay tuned to this page or my Facebook Advanced Link.

Yours in Christ, friendship, and LOVE...