Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gulf Disaster...a path to heaven or hell?

Below is an article I wrote in response to an article on the BP Oil Disaster. They can both be found on the web site author driven emporium of wanna-be writers.

When this disaster first happened, I had a long prayer session with our Lord Jesus concerning the possible outcome. I came away from that session of prayer with the definite belief that the oil was not the most devastating result (even though turning the Gulf into a new La Brea Tar Pit is no minor happening). Jesus made it abundantly clear that the real problem was going to be the gases being released into the atmosphere and Oceans. Now, in order to add some validity to this, I immediately told my wife and a few others so that later, when people expressed their disbelief, I had witnesses to this revelation. Now, before going a step further in my article here, I suggest you read the Linked article above "How BP oil disaster may have triggered a World-Killing event."

When I read that article, my mind's worst conceivable scenario was literally "blown out of the water" (no pun intended). I had visions of air pollutants mixing with moisture in the atmosphere, condensing, and falling as acid rain laced with oil and sulfur ruining people's health and killing crops. Never in 55 million years did I expect anything as devastating as what is predicted in Aaron Davis' article.

I should also mention that the good Lord Jesus has also made it clear that this is not simply the "beginning of the end" is the end. I do not claim to be a psychic or prophet. Nor do I claim to have any insider information or personal liaison with the Lord God Almighty other than the same path that is freely given to all humanity...prayer. I can say that, since I became a born again Christian in 1996, I have prayed over many things and, without exception, every single prayer has been answered. Often, it is not the answer I would prefer. I recall asking for patience as I was easily drawn into anger and impetuosity. It seemed as though my situation became a thousand times worse in the next few months. When I asked my mentor, Gary, what was happening, he laughed and said, "Don't you see that Jesus is teaching you the lesson of patience by putting you in situation after situation that requires you to be PATIENT?" Well, once I realized it was a lesson and not a miraculous cure, I quickly began learning to deal with life more patiently.

I blog on a semi-regular basis at For Heaven's Sake but have not been able to fire up any new ideas since this Gulf turbulence began. I have found myself engrossed in efforts to resolve the multitude of differences that are keeping many of my friends and family from turning to Christ for Salvation. Thus the reason for telling my wife and others about my prayer sessions and results. I maintain the hope that I may influence them if I can verify enough important matters being answered through prayer. They prefer the term "coincidental timing" or the ever popular "the mind can do miraculous wonders if one knows how to use it properly" (i.e. mind over matter theory).

I had smoked for...well for ever. I quit once for eight years and craved cigarettes the entire time. Finally, I gave it up to Jesus. On January 13, 2001, the Lord Jesus hushed all the sounds around me and said, quite clearly, "You will never have to smoke again son." I awakened the next morning to the news of the El Salvador earthquake that devastated the country killing thousands. It was late in the morning before it dawned on me that I had not smoked a cigarette. Suddenly, I realized that I did not have any urge to smoke whatsoever. It has been nine years plus now and I have never...not even once...had an urge to smoke. It is as though I never smoked at all during my life. To me, this is a miracle generously bestowed upon me by Christ Jesus because I had enough faith in Him to give up my habit to His timing while truly believing in my heart that He would help me. I finally quit trying to "run the show" and do it on my own. I relinquished my human ego of being capable of solving my own problems to my Higher Power and Christ answered that act of faith with a miracle. However, when I tell my disbelieving friends and family about this event, they put it off as "mind over matter" or simply say, "I guess it was your time to"

I am telling you this because, since this Gulf Disaster happening, with each passing day, I become more weepy and sorrowful knowing how many of my lifetime friends and loving family will be missed for an eternity. As I await the Rapture, I pray that somehow I can reach them and break through their defenses and denial while realizing that sometimes God says, "NO." On the one hand, I am greatly saddened by these events while, on the other hand, I rejoice in the knowledge that I shall soon meet the wonderful man who allowed me to quit smoking. God bless each and every one of you and, it is my opinion, you had best get all your ducks in a row because the path to Heaven is very, very narrow.

Much love...

David K. Irwin

Sunday, February 28, 2010

To take or not to take...The Mark (of the Beast?)

Greetings friends & family...

With the recent earthquake in Chile so soon after the one in Haiti, do you find yourself wondering where and when the next one will occur? The USA has offered to help, but how many more world disasters can we afford? I don't believe we can afford any as America is broke...financially bankrupt...operating in the red...belly-up, flat-ass, penniless! If you take time to think about it, we are facing a Spring filled with home-grown disasters of its own such as flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, and drought. Add to that our seemingly impossible-to-solve health care problems and you begin to see just the frosting on the cake. Our national debt is higher than ever in history, we have the longest running war in history (and most expensive), and we have a pretty healthy number of poor and uneducated citizens that deserve more than they are getting. When is enough, enough? When do we say, "Hey, we're broke. Fix it on your own." I know it sounds heartless, but our economy will falter and collapse soon if we continue to spend without any ability to recover or recoup our losses.

Now, add to all that the Biblical aspect of the End Times Prophecy and you begin to have a pretty dismal picture of the future...if you are not a Christian that is. True believers in the resurrection of Christ by His death on the Cross at Calvary have the luxury of knowing that they are already saved. But, that salvation is not without restrictions and responsibilities, as some New Age/New Spirituality believers would have you thinking. What are you, as a Christian, going to do when you are told to take the Mark or die? VeriChips are being implanted into humans worldwide already and, just as the Bible predicted, they are being placed in the right hand or forehead (best areas for scanning). What are you going to do when they say you have to get a chip implanted in order to drive your car and get a license or in order to buy anything at all? It's already in the works. 2010 marks the date that mandatory state licensing find a new method of licensing that will be safer and less easy to duplicate or forge. VeriChip is leading the field in security systems for humans and is being used in offices, government buildings, and other places worldwide where persons are implanted with the chip to gain access to secure sites. Granted, this is not "The Mark of the Beast" that the bible warns us about...but, it is a step closer. Is it a step you are willing to take? Is it a step a Christian should accept? Are there grounds for refusal on terms of one's beliefs? When it happens...and it will...I believe the answer to all those questions will be an adamant "NO!

Here's a statement taken from "The Last Chronicles of Earth" by Frank J. DiMora (a free book in pdf format easily found by Google), "USA Today reported on the final details of these new drivers licenses. “U.S. residents born after Dec. 1, 1964, will need to have new Homeland Security approved drivers licenses by Dec. 1, 2014, if they want to use their ID to board an airplane or enter a federal building” (should read 2008). As of April 2009, I can tell you the government has delayed this program to give states time to get ready for the new licenses. The REAL ID ACT will now start in 2010. Let me tell you something. If the U.S. is attacked again as we were on September 11, 2001, the government will make everyone get a new ID(license) right away. Either way governments around the world are making it harder to hide."
I'll be posting more on this subject in the very near future so stay tuned to this page or my Facebook Advanced Link.

Yours in Christ, friendship, and LOVE...