Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bad hair day...!

This is a picture of our dog, Dusty. She is having a bad hair day after showering. She is a combination of Miniature Rat Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer. The breed is tentatively called "Schnerrier" but we like "Rhauzer" better. It suits her personality to a tee as she is in high gear from dawn till dusk every single day. She gives 110% all the time!

Dusty is undoubtedly our most treasured blessing as a pet and family member. She is the most loyal and non-judgmental dog we have had the pleasure to own...and we have owned a few in our 60 years of pets. The reason I started this blog out with a picture of Dusty is simple: Dog is God spelled backwards...and, dogs are man's best friend for a very good reason. They exemplify the behavior we are supposed to display towards our fellow human beings on this planet, in this universe, during our lifetimes. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We can learn a great deal from dogs. They are loyal, trustworthy, obedient, selfless, eager to please, non-judgmental, forgiving to a fault, and they give unconditional love to their masters. Can you say the same?

Even dogs that have been beaten, abused, mistreated, starved, and left to die want only to please someone and have someone to love. They are more than eager to forgive the sins of their masters (or abusers) in return for something very simple...FAITH. Faith that you will feed them, talk to them, love them, always come home to them, and allow them to show you how much they can give in return. Just like God and Jesus Christ.

The Holy Bible (I prefer the King James Version as it is the closest English translation to the original Hebrew there is available with the least amount of humanizing, which I will explain later) is God's Word put to writing. God engaged a goodly number of men to whom he dictated His Holy Scripture...The Truth...over a long period of time. The Words He had them write were not meant to be re-invented by man and the Bible was not meant to be changed by interpretation of man to make it easier to read or obey. It is a guide to entering heaven...a map of exemplifies a standard of life that each person should find to be desirable.

In the days, weeks and months to come, I hope to spark an interest in my reader's hearts to discover for themselves what they believe to be the truth. The lines are being drawn between good and evil, God and Satan, believer and...believer? Yes...between believers. There is a division among believers that is stealing the souls of millions of Christians and taking them to the Dark Side (hell, Satan, The Adversary, Legion, Maitreya, or whatever you prefer). This movement is as old as religion itself but has come lately with a renewed strength and a new handle...THE NEW SPIRITUALITY. The very name gives it away as a clearly Satanic belief. The New Testament is quite clear about staying far away from spiritualists, ghost whisperers, gypsies, fortune-tellers, prophets, and the like. It says many will come in the name of Jesus saying this or telling you to believe in that...but, to pay them no heed. For there is only one Jesus Christ and the time of His coming will not be foretold. Only the warning signs, told of in the bible, will be known and one of them is the warning about false prophets and the Antichrist.

Many best sellers are rolling off the presses today about how to change your life, discover your "Purpose", realize the "Force", know about "Oneness", find out "The Secret", and how to find the truth about universal life and everlasting peace led by the True Christ, Maitreya. Oprah Winfrey is helping them along with her show and endorsements. Holy crap man...if Oprah says it's good...well, it just has to be!!! Maitreya, whom I will discuss in detail later, claims to be the true Christ and that Jesus was just a disciple of his. He may indeed be the true Antichrist! He is here already and he has a huge following. The Adversary has brought his lies into Christianity and he has done it by means of books, schools/teachers, hospitals/doctors/nurses, government, through our children (YES!), and even our clergy. He has found the back door to our beliefs and is poisoning millions of minds with his venomous lies by circumventing the very structures we use in every day life. His story is about making people "FEEL GOOD" inside and out. After all, if you feel can it be bad?

In the pages to come, I hope to show each of you that there are two sides to every coin and a truth behind every lie. I will introduce you to authors who have diagnosed these books that are so popular, where they got their information, to whom they give their allegiance, and what their true goals incorporate. I will introduce you to information that will show you who is orchestrating the whole movement and why. I will give you grassroots explanations about how this all got started...and why. And, last but not least by far, I will show you what is truly in store for the poor souls that find themselves enchanted by this sorcery and do not realize the Truth before the End of Times. We are in a battle...the lines have been drawn. Sides are being chosen...whether you realize it or not! Souls are at stake...literally!!

But, be of good cheer. The Light is just ahead...the beacon is being lit as I write. If you find a shred of truth in my writing, there is still hope. Be very, very careful what you read and take to heart in these last days for a "little leaven leaveneth the whole loaf." In other words, just a small untruth dispels all that is said to be the truth. There is no quarter in the is The Truth...the whole Truth...and nothing but the help me God. Read on in good faith!

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