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Maitreya and the Disciples of Wisdom (The Watchers).

Hello again fellow believers or non-believers...

I am going to open this post with a letter I wrote to a dear friend who is in prison. He got involved with the New Age group and they quickly took him from 13 years of sobriety/not smoking, a healthy family, and an excellent job to drunkenness/smoking, divorce, and into prison for embezzlement. His new "New Spirituality" advisor told him that his soul was one with god and therefore he need not fear judgement...that his life was pre-ordained and without sin. He had read most of the books written by new age authors, had several personal life-readings, visited with shodowing spirits (Watchers), bought a Taro deck of cards, and much more. Since he has been in prison, he has sobered up, quit smoking, and is, once again, on the path to Jesus Christ. He has managed to overcome and rid himself of the demon that possessed him for several years. I could only watch as my best friend went from a true believer to a truly lost soul as the overpowering strength of his new spiritual friend destroyed his marriage and life. I thought to myself, "If this can happen to Gary, one of the strongest Christians I have ever known, it can happen to anyone!" What is this power? Who are these spirits?

Before I copy the letter into this post, I will tell you a bit of what Jesus has had me reading about lately. He (Jesus) sent me to a site run by Thomas Horn called "APOLLYON RISING 2012: The Lost Symbol Found And The Final Mystery Of The Great Seal Revealed. A Terrifying And Prophetic Cipher, Hidden From The World By The U.S. Government For Over 200 Years Is Here." There are 15 posts so far in this series and I was amazed to find many of the same players mentioned here (such as Maitreya and Disciples of Wisdom in Part Fourteen) as I have been reading about in Warren Smith's books. It was amazing because Tom Horn's writings are basically about the history of Freemasonry, Greek Mythology, and the Roman Empire. To find spirits from both ages with the same name is beyond coincidence...don't you think? Well, here is my letter to Gary...

I am about done with Warren Smith’s newest book, A “Wonderful” Deception: The Further New Age Implications of the Purpose Driven Movement. It seems that Rick Warren got so many emails and letters from parishioners around the world that he had to hire two “damage control” people to deal with the dissension. The first one did not do too good a job…he mostly just dodged the real problems and associations by trying to shift the blame. The second one, although more aggressive, did not do a much better job. He too had a very difficult time explaining away Rick Warren’s multiple uses of “New Age” terminology along with his extensive associations with “New Age” authors of all sorts. The first few chapters of Smith’s new book were totally dedicated to reproving, with fervor, what he had already proved. I also read the pdf file, which is free online, of Warren Smith’s called Reinventing Jesus Christ, which was the “who’s who” of New Age terminology, books, and other literature.

My new blog, For Heaven’s Sake, is dedicated to fighting the good fight against our adversary, Satan. I am now reading a 15 article blog by Tom Horn called Apollyon Rising 2012. It is dedicated to his forthcoming book of the same title and entails a history of the ancient gods of Greeks and Romans, Freemasons (such as Roosevelt, Franklin, Wallace), and the ideology found on the dollar bill (the pyramid, all-seeing eye, Latin literature, etc.). This new direction the Lord has taken me in is vastly interesting and I am finding common ties to what is happening in the New Spirituality (New Age) Movement today. Such things as “The Watchers” who are Maitreya’s helpers and who were prominent in Greek idol worship. It also has a great deal to do with the fact that there might have been what some have termed “Adomic” intellect that has been forgotten and diluted over the centuries since Adam and Eve and the Fall. It seems Adam may have had a knowledge of the stars that recorded the history of God, Creation, man’s creation, earth’s creation, the angels, and the Universe. In other words, the stars may actually hold the true and first recorded history of Creation (or the first bible). This star-intellect was forgotten with all the other godly knowledge that Adam and Eve had but lost when they chose to be gods themselves (The Fall). God then forbade astrology, since it was no longer blessed by His intellect, and the knowledge became diluted. Now, astrology, as a link or modem to life, death, the past and the future, is to be forsaken and shunned because it is not of godly content and can never be until God himself reveals the true tale. This is important because the fallen angels are the ones that are found throughout Greek and Roman history and may well have had their true pasts diluted in the same manner as the star-intellect. Apollo (Apollyon), or the sun god, may well be the number one angel under Satan who is Saturn in Greek mythology. Do you see where this is headed?

All these old mythological gods are the thousands of angels that followed Satan to earth. The Greeks had gods for everything from earth, wind, and fire to disease, health, and marriage. They had a freakin’ god for everything they did. It may well be that these gods/angels came to earth after/before(?) the fall and explained away their appearance as being truly good and beneficial gods…not fallen gods following Satan (I always wondered why the gods messed with Homer’s characters so much…now it makes sense). These are the same gods the Greeks called “The Watchers” because they watched over all matters of life concerning man (inherent evil?). Now, Maitreya says he is bringing back “The Watchers” or, as they have also been called, “The Disciples of Wisdom”. They are already channeling through people worldwide. So, are we headed into a new Roman revival…YES…only now it is called “America’s New Spirituality” whereas it was then called Rome or Babylon under the rule of Nimrod…the most decadent of all historical times when evil ruled the world. Only, this time Jesus will end Satan’s short rule by His return. Satan will move fast during this revival because he knows his reign is limited to a very short time. I look for world peace to happen soon…how?...I don’t know for sure. Will Warren do it? Will Obama do it? It’s not important who gets the credit for the beginning to the end…there won’t be enough history afterwards to make a difference one way or the other.

If I have enough money to order Smith’s new book for you this next week, I surely will. In the meantime, be careful what you read. The written word is God’s tool of conveyance to us mortels and is extremely volatile. It can do as much damage as it can good. Joyce Meyer is not an author I would encourage anyone to read. She is more new ager than anything close to our Christ. Her “feel good” Christianity is just the steppingstone to the dilution needed to weaken our armor. Remember your bible Gary…”a little leaven leaveneth the whole loaf.”

Until next time my good friend…

Tom Horn's posts are impelling proof that these very same "Spiritual Guides" that are now organizing, enhancing, and directing the "New Spirituality Movement" are the very same fallen angels that destroyed the great Roman Empire. They were also the ones responsible for the evil that brought God's wrath to Nimrod (great grandson of Noah) and his empire of Babylon. They have been around forever and they seem to cycle reigns of terror. I fear we are headed into a "New Age" of people who are being led by these very same evil angels that have ruled Earth since the beginning of history and the new fall will be "Babylon The Great is Falling" (or America) as Jack Hook explains on his website so thoroughly (a must read!).

I will leave you here while I do some more reading and exploring of all these new posts. As I have said before, I would not be doing this at all if it were not for the leading hands of Jesus. He leads me to read what is important and necessary for discerning Christian to know. I never proof read my posts as Jesus leads me to write as I work and His work is impeccable! Often, I will pause during a sentence and the words just seem to suddenly come upon me. This whole post came to me last night before falling asleep and is virtually, word for word, what I visualized last night. My mission from Jesus? To enlighten people...all to the workings of our Adversary...Satan. To keep folks informed as to his movements and his intentions for the souls of as many people as he can fool. Satan is extremely wise (being an angel of highest rank) and extremely evil. He has thousands of angels in his ranks and they are called such names as; Maitreya, The Watchers, The Disciples of Wisdom, Legion, Greek/Roman gods, helpers, channelers, shadowers, and the Antichrist (may be here already in Maitreya). They have to be invited into your life to have any power over you (however, they can have power over other people that have power over government people!) and are much, much harder to get rid of than to allow in. They fool us now in the very same way they fooled Adam and saying we can be gods.

Be warned...they are after your soul...your very life...and they will not quit or give up. Satan's plans are for the fall of mankind in its entirety and, whether you like it or not, you are part of that plan. So, whose side are you playing on?

Until next time...God's love and good health to you my friends.

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